Not so social media

I’m not quite ready to completely delete my accounts, but the idea is more appealing every day.

I deleted Facebook and Twitter from my phone a few months ago and I don’t miss them. This doesn’t sound like much of an achievement, but when you spend as much time online as I did even small changes are a step in the right direction.

I’m not quite ready to completely delete my accounts, but the idea is more appealing every day.

I was a late adopter, I joined Twitter in early 2011 and Facebook a few months later. I thought Bebo and MySpace were the same thing, so you can tell I used neither of them.

Being a late adopter didn’t stop me throwing myself into life online. Sharing snippets of my life was easy, but I’d do it differently if I starting over. I blogged and tweeted my breakdown, a break-up, questioning my sexuality and coming out as bisexual when I was already out as gay. There is value in sharing these experiences, but I wouldn’t talk about them in real time if they happened today. I’d process things first. We live and learn.

I’m on my second Twitter account. I deleted the first once I’d recovered from my manic depressive episode of 2012. I was busy trying to figure out who the hell non-depressed me was and thought it best not to overshare while I was doing it. I lasted four months, but the lure of activism drew me in again. It has been wall to wall politics ever since, but social media is no longer the place for nuanced conversations which is frustrating.

I recently read Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life by Katherine Ormerod and what struck me was that no matter their reasons for signing up, the people Ormerod spoke to all ended up with the same frustrations. People want to spend less time glued to their phones, but when Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are how your friends and family choose to stay in touch the fear of missing out keeps you logged in.

I bet your family and friends feel the same way because the internet is just an endless loop of people who wish they weren’t using social media!